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FAQ's Electric Bikes (8)

We do our best to ensure that you will enjoy your bicycle for many years to come. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at…
For a person from 150 - 200 lbs., it only takes about 150 - 180 watts to move at a speed of 24 km/h on level roads. Therefore a motor…
Absolutely!! With EZ, you'll have no worries tackling grades at all; a simple pedal assist should get you up most grades, making your job even easier than most conventional 21…
Our bikes use a Li Ion Polymer battery with a rating of 37V 10Ah or 370 Wh. It is intrinsically safe and there is all the protection that is required…
Next to nothing. Electric bicycles are the most energy/cost-efficient transport. 1kw will get you about 100 kms - that's about 25 - 50 cents, even the food you'll need to…
The US Senate passed SR 1156 clearing the way for the legal defination of an electric bicycle. The law assigned the governance of electric bicycles to The Consumer Product Safety…
Generally speaking, 16-20 mph, depending on the terrain and weight of the rider.
There are currently two categories of electric bicycles: Ebike - the motor is activated by turning the throttle. As such, there is no need for pedaling. You can, however, still…

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