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Derek joined our crew in 2011 and has been our star scooter tech ever since.  His mom told us that he has always loved to see how things work - once finding a radio, in pieces, under his bed. If it can be fixed, Derek will find a way.
Steve joined us "on loan" from UMass Lowell where he's majoring in Business Management.  This summer, his business is scooter repair.  Steve has a love for scooters and a natural talent in discovering what makes them tick.  
Number one in Autosounds of NH’s world (EZ’s sister store) and great at diagnosing electric bicycles.  Can be bribed (usually with Cheetos) into providing his expertise at scooters.  Dad to Brewski (rolly-polly pit bull) and, soon to join the family, Sir 9 Cheese Pizza kitty.
EZ Bikes & Scooters was Tommy brain-child in 2009 when he fell head-over-heels (so to speak) with electric bicycles.  After careful research, he made room in his beloved Autosounds of NH (mobile electronics) store for a modest inventory of ebikes.  A year later, gas powered scooters seemed to make a sensible addition to the family.  Tommy’s favorite saying…”Ride one and if you don’t hoot, holler and scream, I’ll give you twenty dollars”.   No payouts so far.   
Tommy's better-half.  Proficient at dotting i's and crossing t's.  Can be found on any given morning or afternoon drive on Route 33 riding a scooter or electric bike.  "Whatever I'm in the mood for".  Also known as "Shop Mom".

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