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Magnum Classic II
November 7, 2019
December 27, 2019
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The M+Sport Electric Scooter combines modern style with smart design.  An integrated LCD smart dashboard provides real-time information on your scooter’s health. It’s simplified toggling system makes riding easy and includes a cruise control feature lets you take your hand off the throttle. The compact Panasonic 18650 lithium-ion battery removeable battery allows you to charge your MQi+ any time you have access to a power outlet and provides powerful, extended range. The FOC vector controller and BOSCH motor give you instant acceleration. Front and rear disc brakes provide a safe riding experience throughout your journey. The MQi+ uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and analyze over 200 different vehicle diagnostics every minute. Want to find out more? All of your scooter’s information is one tap away on your NIU App. The Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses like location, riding history, vehicle status, and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service.

*MSRP does not include freight, assembly and any applicable tariff charges.


Overview Specs

Battery Voltage 48 V
Battery Capacity 42 Ah
Estimated Range* 75-100 km
Battery Weight 11 Kg
Battery Unit Panasonic / 18650
Shock Absorber Oil Damping Direct Acting Shock Absorber
Braking Mode 180 mm Dual-Piston Hydraulic Disk Brake
Electromotor Tailored Motor by Bosch GmbH
Rated Power 1400 W
NIU App Standard
Central Control Unit Standard
Positioning System Standard
USB Charging Port Standard
LED Lighting System Standard
LCD Dashboard Standard
* The cruising miles in this website are all theoretical values. Actual cruising is affected by various factors such as load, temperature, wind speed, road surface, and operating habits.
The product pictures, functions, performance, parameters and other related information on this page are illustrated by MQi+ Sport Edition. For details on other editions, please refer to the detailed parameter table and actual items. Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, after a period of use, the maximum capacity of the battery will decrease. The NIU App will vary by country and software version. The vehicle models displayed on this website will vary depending on the market in different countries and regions. The content of this website is for reference only. For vehicle specifications and standard configuration information, please refer to the information provided in the actual place of purchase.


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