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November 24, 2020
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February 8, 2022
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The UQi-Series was created using the latest design science and technologies. All parts of the scooter including the design and motor have been created on the basis of a study with 150,000 riders and more than 1 million kilometers of usage data from NIU’s popular N-Series and M-Series scooters.  The UQi GT is a great, entry-level electric scooter/moped.  It’s easy to ride – feeling light like a bicycle, stable like a scooter and brakes with ease.  The scooter’s a naked frame is built to provide exceptional strength and carry capacity. It provides the scooter with torsional rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness resulting in a optimal driving experience.  The running costs of the UQi are so small as to be barely measurable.  And the convenience and ease-of-charging makes commuting as simple as it gets.  Learn more https://www.niu.com/us/product/u-gt

Please call for pricing 603-778-1402.


Top Speed 45km/h

Est. Range 55-75km

Recharge 7h

30 mins Max Continuous Output 1500W

Gross Weight 227kg

Seating Capacity 2

Front/Rear Shock Absorber Oil Damping Direct Acting Shock Absorber

Front Tire Size 90/90-14

Rear Tire Size 100/80-14

Front Braking Mode 220m Three Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake (CBS)

Rear Braking Mode 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brake (CBS)

Seat Height 840mm

Seat Length 380mm

Ground Clearance 180mm

Wheel Base 1300mm

Battery Cell Type 18650 Lithium Battery

Voltage 48V

Capacity 31ah

Battery Pack Weight 11kg

Standard Charging Current 5.2A

Motor Brand NIU

Rated Power 1200W

Controller FOC Vector Control

FOC Max Current 40A

LED Headlight

LED Turning Light

LED Tail Light

LED Braking Light

LCD Dashboard

Central Control Unit

USB Charging Port

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