Unveiling the Authenticity: Exploring Genuine Scooters and Their Timeless Appeal

Genuine Scooters are renowned for their timeless appeal and authentic design, making them popular among urban commuters and scooter enthusiasts. This topic delves into the unique features and enduring charm of Genuine Scooters, shedding light on their historical significance and contemporary relevance. From their classic styling to their efficient performance, Genuine Scooters continue to captivate riders with their blend of nostalgia and modern functionality.

Genuine Scooters: America’s Favorite Scooter Company

Genuine Scooters is America’s favorite company, offering a range of two-wheeled options for various riders. Their website www.genuinescooters.com/ highlights their entire lineup, which includes:

  • Variety of Engine Sizes: They offer scooters with engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 200cc, catering to both new riders and more experienced scooterists.
  • Different Styles: Genuine Scooters boasts a collection beyond standard scooters. They have lines that cater to vintage enthusiasts with the Royal Alloy brand, and Niu offers electric scooters for the eco-conscious rider. They even have a motorcycle option, the G400C, for those who want to graduate to a bigger bike.
  • Nationwide Support: Genuine Scooters boasts a confident warranty program, “Genuine Confidence,” and a nationwide dealer network to ensure you get the support you need wherever you are in the US.

Everything You Need to Know About Genuine Scooter

Genuine Scooter Company is a Chicago-based manufacturer of motorscooters, notably the Roughhouse and Buddy models. The company opened in 2002 as an extension of Scooterworks in the USA, a vintage scooter business that sold vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters via a mail-order catalog.

The company’s partnership with the manufacturer has existed for almost as long as it has existed. The Stella was their first model, and the Buddy followed soon after. Genuine scooters are generally known to be reliable motor scooter brands. They have a dealer network across the United States for service support and offer a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty to support their scooters.1.

How Fast Do Genuine Scooters Go?

Genuine scooters typically have top speeds that range from 15 to 30 miles per hour.

How Many Miles Does a Genuine Scooter Last?

The lifespan of a genuine scooter can vary widely based on several factors, including how it’s ridden, its maintenance, and its engine type. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Factors Affecting Lifespan:

  • The lifespan of a scooter can be affected by factors such as how it’s ridden, the displacement, maintenance, and the type of engine it has.
  • The rider’s weight, the type of terrain ridden on, and the frequency of use can also affect the lifespan of a scooter 1.

2. Mileage Expectations:

  • Scooters typically last 10,000 to 50,000 miles, with some lasting up to 100,000 miles if well-maintained 1.
  • A 50cc scooter’s average lifespan is approximately 20,000 to 30,000 miles. 2.
  • Highway-capable scooters from most brands can easily last past 50,000 miles with minor maintenance, while 50cc scooters tend to have a shorter lifespan.

3. Maintenance and Care:

  • Regular maintenance, as outlined in the scooter’s manual, is crucial for prolonging its lifespan.
  • Factors such as the engine type, the quality of the battery, and the overall quality of parts can also impact the scooter’s longevity 3.

Therefore, the lifespan of a genuine scooter can vary widely, but with proper maintenance and care, it can last anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on various factors.

What Features Do Genuine Scooters Have?

Genuine Scooters are known for several distinctive features that set them apart in the market:

  • Diverse Lineup: Genuine Scooters offers a complete line of scooters and motorcycles, including a full line of electric scooters in various styles and displacements, catering to different preferences and needs 1.
  • Warranty and Roadside Assistance: Most Genuine scooters come with a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty.
  • Customization Options: Genuine offers a range of accessories that allow owners to personalize their scooters or motorcycles, including color-matched top cases, helmets, windscreens, and more, enabling riders to customize their rides to match their unique tastes and personalities 3.
  • Reliability: Genuine Scooters have a reputation for reliability, an essential factor for many scooter enthusiasts.
    Engine Sizes and Versions: The scooters feature several engine sizes and versions, ranging from 49cc to 170cc with fuel injection, providing options for different performance needs and legal requirements in various states 4.
  • Additional Features: Some specific models, such as the Buddy Kick, offer premium features like a rear disc brake and fuel-injected motor, enhancing the overall riding experience 5.
  • Community Enthusiasm: Choosing a Genuine scooter means enjoying fun and practicality and being part of the enthusiastic Genuine community, which adds to the overall ownership experience. 6.

These features add to the appeal and popularity of Genuine Scooters among scooter enthusiasts.

What Size Engine do Genuine Scooters Have?

Genuine Scooters offers a range of engine sizes for their scooters. The Buddy, for example, features several engine sizes and versions ranging from 49cc, licensed as a moped in many US states, to 170cc with fuel injection. 1.

Do Genuine Scooters have a Warranty?

Genuine Scooters offers he best warranty in the industry. The warranty covers defects in material when properly used, maintained, and stored according to the recommendations set forth by Genuine Scooters. During the warranty period, we recommend having the dealer perform all the scheduled maintenance on the scooter to ensure a record of everything done to the scooter in case of an expensive, catastrophic mechanical failure under warranty, as it ensures that the OEM should cover it. 1.

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