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Officially beginning in 2004, Lance took a giant leap forward by forming an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Sanyang Industry Co Ltd, aka SYM in Taiwan. SYM, renowned for its quality and innovation, is one of the global leaders in scooter technology and manufacturing.

Within the Lance line of scooters is the Cali Classic series with its retro look and classic motorcycle handlebars. Similar to the Cali Classic is the Havana Classic series – the same retro look but with a more traditional moped handlebar. Both are available in 50, 125 and 200cc engines. Lance’s PCH and Cabo series are sporty scooters with very affordable price tags, making them both thrifty and thrilling. Also available with 50, 125 and 200cc engines.

A 24 month, unlimited mile, tire to tire, parts and labor warranty is included with all Lance scooters giving you peace of mind mile after mile.

Prices shown are “out the door” prices and include dealer destination and assembly charges.

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